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1. before and after loreal 成面油光,保水抗油光 2.FUDing 對抗愛滋病的廣告 3. wit 4. knock the competitor 5.provocation 6.intrigue 7.gimmicks  Advertisements

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Mcdull’s 3D動畫版《清明上河圖》

Just in case if you have not had enough 3D動畫版《清明上河圖》;)


James Dyson: “Good Design has to solve a problem.”

Good design doesn’t just drop out of the sky. It comes from creative people that fight for their ideas and who work on their projects with passion. Over the coming weeks we would like to present in this special a … Continue reading

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reddot design award exhibition

An exhibition you can’t miss! Have a look at what good design is about!

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BODW is coming!

The flag ship design event, BODW is coming! The BODW is a great learning opportunity for everyone. You will be able to see the professional practices and creative concepts and strategies of world class designers from all areas of … Continue reading

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香港知專設計學院.文化探討之旅.展 日期:11月24日至30日(28日除外) 時間:上午10時至下午6時 地點:香港知專設計學院C座8樓共用空間 香港知專設計學院(HKDI)作為培育香港未來文化創意人才的機構,由08年起,推行一系列的文化探討之旅,由師生到訪國內,親身探索與學習中國文化、了解和體驗當地社會發展及生活方式。回港後,同學運用旅程上得到的經驗及所收集的資料進行整理分析,透過分組討論,把獨特的觀察和領悟轉化成回應世界、為生活解難、以及富有創意的設計作品。

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  令我注目了很久的地鐵廣告.   via 令我注目了很久的地鐵廣告.

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