three print ads of ‘sucking water’ function

I have collected some similar products’ ads for making observation,.

The three ads are surrounding the key messages of ‘吸’ ‘乾’. The element be concerned is ’water’.

Context: lake, grapes,sink

(Notice that the place should exist ‘water’ for the occurence of ‘sucking Into dryness’ function.)

1.the overall picture looks direct but powerful to convery the message of powerful sucking function! People might smile at those exaggerated ads but impressed by which very much. I give a warm smile at the baby’s hand holding diaper ,which like telling us’ so what?it’s my diaper!!’

2. the funny match the concept with another new combination without showing the orginal product one.

3. a good spot for ambient act of product relating ‘water’ and ‘suck’=)

USP: powerful and fast ‘sucking water’ function

Tone of voice: funny, exaggerated,direct

I think audience would like to get the message fun and simple.

Any other possible sites/development?

How about a big diaper under the waterfall?

How about a baby’ s rear end is chased by powerful water and he/she is scared by it?

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