I met some old students yesterday and they talked about how much they have learnt over the past year in the top up degree programme where they were exposed to different way of teaching and learning (more student-centered I supposed) and were challenged to think deeper with better research and so on – that was absolutely fantastic!

I told them that I was so glad to know they have become more confident and competent by the “changes” that they have mentioned.  However, I also added that such changes could not have happened without the cultivation of the teachers in our HD course.
I love to see students grow from strength to strength, and I believe they can shine one day if they so wish.  Nevertheless, one should not be forgetful that life is a process, what we are arriving at today is a natural progression of the previous ones and it would be ignorant for not knowing that. 
For those who think oppositely, I could almost hear them saying “Yesterday I couldn’t spell designer, now I are one.”
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