The HKDI campus does get attention.

If you stand in front of the building, you will be amazed by looking at it with a series of attentions.  Your attention may first flow to the white tubular structure surrounding the four pillars, then the long elevator pointing up to the podium, the transparent glass surfacing most of the architecture, the canopy and so on …  you can rest your eyes on some details and then back to the whole.  This is a dance of attention.
This is a fascinating way to perceive our surrounding – and it makes a good explorative exercise.  The HKDI campus is a good place to do your attention dance.  Once you are there, you can direct your attention to any part you like.  You can choose to look at the tubular structure.  You can chose to tilt to the right corner of the canopy.  You can choose to look at the materials of the building.  You can choose to look at the scale and proportion.  You become a director of your attention.
Great, we are finally in HKDI!
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