More… VanGogh

“I saw the failure of a genius. I saw the final years of
Vincent Van Gogh. I saw Frenchmen underestimating
me. I saw a master die in poverty. I saw a remorseful
Europe. I saw millionaires shouting my name at
auctions. I saw a new home. I saw adults teaching, I
saw children learn. I saw a young building become
Brazil’s most visited museum. But, having seen all this,
there’s one thing I haven’t seen yet: you. Come. I wish
to see you.”

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2 Responses to More… VanGogh

  1. Jasper says:

    really love this sets of ads for MASPgot caught & search for it immediately after seeing the adsthe idea is great & i admire the copywriter most as he/she successfully link the paintings with the artists,the art history, the continental, the museum.using a pair of eyes in the painting is obvious and direct. and the paintings do not ask you come to see them, but come to let them see.bravo!

  2. Thomas Kan says:

    Almost missed your comment. Thanks for you comment. It really is. We can almost feel the canvas talking, isn't it great?

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