Subjects Promotion

I have an ideas! If 61382A course can be promoted, why not each subjects in the course?

Every subject has their USP and way to make it a more interesting one.

For example, Cultural study has been consider as a boring and recondite subject, therefore it is not a popular one among students. But when u take a deeper look, it is actually an interesting and imaginative subject! So how to arouse people’s interest in cultural study? Let’s make print ad for it!

1st ad: In the Mandarin of Beijing accent, ”那個” pronounce same as ”Nigger” in English. So u know what I mean now =]

2nd ad: So now u know why MUJI can never make a business in Nepal =]

More ideas and works will be coming,

Please, everyone submit your ideas on certain subject, drawing… marker… creative thinking…etc.

PS: Ideas are powered by AIR

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2 Responses to Subjects Promotion

  1. Eddie Lau says:

    i like the idea with your identification of good example that proof the interesting side of cultural differences in a relevant and simple execution. The insight here uncovered the relationship of "curiosity lead to observation to context with sense and stimulate ideas sparkle in your mind."Let's invite Ting to leave her comment here!

  2. DDTse says:

    Ya say something here Ting!!! if u wish to see more cultural poster coming =]

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