Piers Morgan fronts UK launch of Burger King’s Flame fragrance

Piers Morgan fronts UK launch of Burger King’s Flame fragrance

by Jennifer Whitehead, Brand Republic 15-Jun-09, 08:40

LONDON – Burger King is launching its men’s fragrance Flame in the UK with a campaign starring ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ judge Piers Morgan, posing bare-chested on a cowskin rug.

Burger King boasts that Flame is the first fragrance to contain a hit of “flame-grilled beef”.

The website promoting the perfume, firemeetsdesire.com, features former Daily Mirror editor Morgan — or possibly a body double — reclining naked except for a Burger King medallion and a strategically draped cloth.

Morgan periodically winks and the website plays a seductive saxophone track.

The company claims that the scent of meat is also the smell of seduction and has even roped in relationship expert Tracey Cox to support the launch with the advice that “anything that makes a guy smell more masculine could evoke a primitive Me-Tarzan, You-Jane type reaction from women”.

The fragrance launches today at Selfridges and is being sold for £4.99 in the UK, compared with the $3.99 price tag for its US launch.

Flame is available online or through Red5, the high street gadget retailer.

It is made by Demeter, the company known for its range of fragrances mimicking everyday smells such as Laundromat, Dirt and Funeral Home.

It has also made fragrances based on other brands including the confectioners Hershey’s and Jelly Belly.

Sarah Power, marketing director for Burger King UK & Ireland, said: “Customers love the taste of our world-famous flame-grilled beef, so we’ve bottled a hint of it to help people enjoy its unique power as a scent of seduction.

“In the current doom and gloom, Flame is the perfect gift for another or yourself to make you feel totally irresistible, bringing back a bit of feel good factor again.”

Piers Morgan become a celebrity in his own right after being sacked as editor of the Daily Mirror in 2004 over faked Iraq War pictures.

He has published a successful memoir and gone onto forge a successful TV career as a judge on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ and ‘America’s Got Talent’ and, in another beef-related marketing campaign, provided a voiceover for Marks & Spencer’s food advertising.

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  1. DDTse says:

    The former genius campaign of BurgerKing ''Whopper Virgin'' and ''Whopper Freak out'' have been impressive.Look at this funny shit from them again! I can believe Morgan is actually taking that picture!!

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