Humanitarian Lion

Here u go buddies, there is an idea of having the Humanitarian Lion award in every Cannes Lion International Advertising Festival.

I think it is a brilliant idea, and I am so exited about there is finally someone initial such move!
Check out what is happening here
And if you feel the same as I do. Join and support them, spread this message. Together you can make things happen!!!
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2 Responses to Humanitarian Lion

  1. Thomas Kan says:

    Good sharing DD. This is meaningful and let’s see if we can roll put some projects on this. I’ve fixed the link but I wonder the year 2 would bother at this time of the year, assessment you know?

  2. DDTse says:

    Hey! it is a great idea to roll on a project on this one!!!Let s put ourself into the position in a big brand and work on this!!! I think that will be exciting, and the brief is there!! why not making it happen? I think it is a great opportunities as the ideas has just show up recently! let s make the first step before any other design institute!

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