If you are pregnant, don’t drink!

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5 Responses to If you are pregnant, don’t drink!

  1. briankong says:

    杯紅酒好嘔心。作為男性既我會想講 “士應 ! 俾個杯新既我”~女仔點睇 ?

  2. Terence says:

    alcohol is dangerous to bady.

  3. cmanl says:


  4. 衛柏直 says:

    同意~~作為媽媽絕對聯想到自己個b 同呢舊野…個心寒一寒..

  5. Thomas Kan says:

    So it serves the purpose, right?See how effective the ad has trigger or response.The visual is simple but powerful. How is it compared to our ‘drunk driving’ campaign – “If you drink, don’t drive”? – Ours is useless! Not to mention the incorrect grammar (as i mentioned in my class) – shame on it!

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