idea sharing

This was one of my presented ideas from the new ‘protect the earth’ project.

Didn’t received a good respond though, hahaha.
Yes, I know in term of AIR, this idea SUCKS. But I think it got potential to be less suck just with YOUR helps here =]
PS: If you believe your ‘stupid’ ideas got any potential to be a WOW one, even they got banned harshly or called as garbage! Just have little faith, post it here, do a little sharing! Who knows what will happen next, right?

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4 Responses to idea sharing

  1. Thomas Kan says:

    Good man! Thanks for sharing. Whatever response you’ll get, you’ll learn something. The vocal man learn faster.Let’s see what other members think and I’ll add mine later.

  2. Thomas Kan says:

    Well, it’s me again.Let me start a few lines and see if others can join in.Here is the response from an audience:When I saw the card, I got the message, but so what? I’ll discard it and use the remaining paper in the box. You can’t blame me, cause I can see what’s in it for me?What’s the use of telling the fact (60,000 when it couldn’t relate to the audience.We need to make it relevant to them. So losing so many trees on earth could be compared with, say, losing (proportionally) so many hair on your head. Then it matters!So how would you change your design? Any suggestion from the other bloggers here?

  3. DIE says:

    我覺得有一點幾好既係呢個ITEM既MESSAGE夠簡單夠清楚, 令audience容易明, 就算你一隻字都唔形容我都知道佢係做緊乜, 呢一點係每個廣告都需要的.至於AIR就正如THOMAS講, SO WHAT? 即使明白你帶出既訊息, 但audience係心態或者行動上亦唔會有乜野係俾佢影嚮到…原因一: 即使我相信六萬平方公里個個事實, 但森林其實係非常遠離都市人. 如何去尋找一d會令我地都市人有切膚之痛既比喻? 原因二: 成個紙巾盒既設計其實好平和既感覺, 冇一種逼切性係度, 你個句野講緊既係一d好嚴重又好急切既問題, 但成個盒就好齊整好平靜咁樣, 我會想收藏呢個紙巾盒, 但相信呢個唔係你個item既目的.建議: 其實係紙巾盒裡面有好多原素係可以用的, 例如佢穿左個洞, d紙巾係一張一張咁抽出黎, d紙巾會越用越少, 會越用越薄, 個盒係包圍住d紙巾等等…呢d位其實可以有一d比喻可以套入去而又令人見到個逼切性所在, anyway 呢度只係一d建議, 我講就簡單, 做個個唔係我, 係度只係提供少少意見, 同埋thx for share

  4. DDTse says:

    Thanks for all the helping hand and valuable comments there~I would like to hear from more perspectives if u could=]

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