XTC ice cream by Patrick,Terrence, Auwing

Billborad : T.A. will firstly see these ads. They may be curious what these artworks( printed by diff ice cream) are?

Secondly, T.A. will see another relative ad after they see the first artworks. They will know what the artwork are actually.

This is a largess of a mixing colors plane. Actually, it is a 扇仔 for T.A. in summer. >>

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4 Responses to XTC ice cream by Patrick,Terrence, Auwing

  1. Thomas Kan says:

    Thanks for posting. Instead of me giving my comments which usually will end the discussion and will then defeat the purpose of getting feedback from the other members acting like your tentative audience, so i’d ;like to invite all of you to comment on these ideas. Can everyone add your comments following say on:Awareness/attention InterestResponseHope to see lots of input soon.

  2. cmanl says:

    um…after i saw it, i didn’t feel “the ice-cream” attractive.colour tone?vision?but it is good try~~^^

  3. DDTse says:

    I guess you are trying to use an USP of the ice-cream combining with art. I think this is good for a brand image or whatever, as you can see how successful the absolut vodka is. Simply because people like to look artistic.just base on the campaign itself, in turn of attentions. That doesn’t work for me so far, maybe the art would be show in more concrete picture and clearly shows that it was made by ice-cream. I will surely take a look at it!! cause now that execution just confuse me whether that is oil or whatever painting.In turn of interest, same as above, I cannott get interest of buying it if the product don’t grab my attention.in turn of response, I would buy this if that shows i am more artistic and stylish by simply using your product. otherwise, that doesn’t much affect my buying decision.Dissolving ice-cream in art, it is rather a great Idea. But color of ice-cream isn’t the only way makes it ‘art’, their form, their physical property, or even their taste would make it so ‘art’. so play more =]

  4. 衛柏直 says:

    Thx for sharing^^~~keep going on guys^^~~ You are very helpful~!!!

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