Give me some comment please =] 停車熄匙

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6 Responses to Give me some comment please =] 停車熄匙

  1. DDTse says:

    it is great to see another fine done works here.But May I know why do I have the stop my engine while my car stop? what will be my benefits? Whay affect me if I don’t? And who would I affect if I don’t? me? others? or the environment?Thanks for sharing btw^^

  2. Thomas Kan says:

    Valid points DD.Can everyone post some more comments for Gigi?You can kick off with the A. I. R. too.

  3. DDTse says:

    Gigi, I hate to ask this, but may I know what the concept really is? Just to make thing clear, so we don’t give the wrong comment by misunderstanding^^Thanks Gigi=]

  4. Gigi Cheng says:

    很抱歉 請容許我打中文這樣更能表達我想說的因為政府立法的士停車要熄匙但的士司機覺得停車熄匙好傷車 好傷”計”我就諗到你關心車副”計”其實你自己副計都關心唔到

  5. Thomas Kan says:

    It’s a good start (talking about your effort and the dialogues here, so?

  6. DDTse says:

    I think u may work on the copywriting for this one, Cause the copy now just cannot clearly shows the selling message–> 停車熄匙While that doesn't scared me from being unhealthy too.say maybe'' bless of car engine, curse of yours ''

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