Absolut project

Currently done a project presentation about one of my favorite campaign ” Absolut _____ ”

So I just did the simple ” Ansolut Project ” as my cover of my RVJ for this project.
I love this campaign because it is really changeable and sustainable, you can just apply whatever thing after Absolut, it is great fun.
I would like to hear out some comments or more ideas on how to make an absolut project cover. Because I will need to do one more for another RVJ. Thanks for anyone’s help here =]
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4 Responses to Absolut project

  1. Hi, it’s a very great blog.I could tell how much efforts you’ve taken on it.Keep doing!

  2. Thomas Kan says:

    You’ve picked a good subject for your project. Look for keywords that summarize your project and then create the parody – Absolut DD?

  3. DDTse says:

    lol!! Absolut me? well… it is rather difficult to advertise once own. haha. Thanks=]

  4. Thomas Kan says:

    Just kidding. May be Absolut Achievement, Absolut Satisfaction, Absolut Fun…Absolut “Anything” (is possible), cause “Nothing” is impossible! 😉

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