Give me some comment please =]

停車熄匙 ideas:
– 斬腳指避沙蟲 : 唔通要你係一森樹/魚(過海taxi) 就無後顧之憂?
– 廢氣恐怖到一噴車都溶

– 你介紹架車琴副”計” 你副”計”都唔抵啦!

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One Response to Give me some comment please =]

  1. Thomas Kan says:

    GG, firstly, the mood board is fine, but beware of the stereotypic style. Ask yourself, “should I use a similar style and tone to do my ad?” Secondly, the ideas are similar and straight forward. They show the consequence of 停車唔熄匙, but will your target believe it? As I mentioned in my previous post, we should avoid telling them what to do, but to engage them in our ad with story. You are just showing the “after” senario, which is quite common. Because everyone knows it, only that they choose not to act. Try other ways to get your ideas, you may refer to what I suggested in the previous posts. Here’s one of the direction for your further thinking, can you show the “before” senario instead? That means what will people do to protect themselves from the polluted environment?

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