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Thomas’ group

Tomorrow’s class meeting will be rescheduled to Friday, April 3. All need to come to show me your many many ideas at 11: 00 am, Room 351A. Advertisements

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How to be creative

Look at these slides and you will know what it takes to be creative. Although the analogy is in a work place, it applies to every circumstance where creativity is required. Take a look here – and don’t tell me … Continue reading

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What is your dream museum?

An interesting event which I would encourage all of you to participate. Please take a look at the website and see what we can do with the dream museum.Dream MuseumThere will be a workshop for you. 日期:  4月25日,星期六時間: 10:00 am – … Continue reading

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Top 10 sites for Designers

These sites will surely open your mind. Beast PiecesThis is a blog that highlights the work of the awesome letterpress shop Studio on Fire. Departement DesignThis small studio in Montreal, has a super cool self-promo site. Incubate DesignThis small Portland, … Continue reading

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Thoughts from my tutorial today -part 2

Flora/Yung Don’t just focus on one idea, and it’s not wise at this stage to lock in your idea and all you did were variations of the same proposition.  Try open new routes for development.  So what will happen to … Continue reading

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Thoughts from my tutorial today

Today I ‘saw’ some ideas and some sketches, but I didn’t see any creative advertising if you don’t mind. Because most of you had the habbit of picking up one aspect from your creative insight and had only tried to … Continue reading

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one more example

“Before” and “After” don’t have to be routine, they don’t have to follow the assumption of an unpleasant “problem” followed by a satisfied “Solution”.  We can challenge the assumption and reverse it by showing a pleasant “Before” and an unpleasant … Continue reading

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